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Thank you so much for your interest in

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As a teacher, my goal is to find what stimulates a student's excitement for playing the drums. By doing that, I'm able to design different weekly lesson plans that will motivate and drive a student to want to practice and excel on the instrument. I strive to find ways to mold and customize my methods to individually suit each student and their different goals/interests. I want my students to come away from lessons feeling like they are making music rather than being given home work.


Drum Set


Marching Band

Audition Preparation

Electronic Percussion

recording Skills

Dirk Riley has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Business from the University of Nebraska and has been teaching private lessons full-time in the Wheaton, Glen Ellyn and west suburban areas since 2008. In addition, he plays the drums as an on-staff worship leader for Wheaton Bible Church in West Chicago, as well as being an active performer in the Chicago music and recording scene.

(308) 991-1132

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