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Every student is different and learns best in his or her own way. The most wonderful aspects of teaching in a private setting are that I have the ability to accommodate each of my student's individual needs, work at their own pace, and personally address each hurdle we come across in the process of learning the drums.  


In Your Home and Online!

In-home lessons are taught in your home and on your equipment. I understand that families are increasingly busy these days and as a result, music lessons are often one of the first things "cut." My goal is to provide maximum convenience to my students (and their parents) by offering flexible scheduling and in-home service. For online video lessons, I prefer to use FaceTime. 


By having lessons on their own equipment, students have the added comfort of learning in the same place they practice, on an instrument that they are familiar with. In addition, it gives me a chance to assist with any equipment maintance, as well as make any adjustments to a student's set-up that may be hindering progress. 



My lesson curriculum revolves around five key areas:


-Reading and writing music notation

-Hand and foot technique

-Coordination and four limb independence

-Musical style and genre

-Critical listening and transcription

Equipment Purchase Assistance​
A drum set is an instrument that consists of three main parts and a host of accessories.  Those main parts are the drum shells themselves, the cymbals, and the many pieces of hardware used to mount the drums. In addition, you will have sticks, a height adjustable seat called a throne, foot pedals, and drum heads to choose. Normally, most of these parts are sold separately and need to be "packaged" in order to be most compatable.  


Because of the wide variance in manufacturer and price, a first time drum buyer may find it overwelming to know where to start and even harder to know if they're getting a good deal. When you sign up for lessons, you can expect more than just purchace advice. Based on your price point, I will personally select and compose complete drum set packages for you to choose from. In addition, I will meet you at the music store on the day of your purchase to answer any questions, assist in the assembly and tuning of your new instruments, and explain all of the nessessary maintanance procedures. 


Currently, I'm offering 30 minute weekly lessons. The price for lessons is $35 per lesson. Each student will be assigned a weekly lesson timeslot and we will meet consistently each week at the same day and time. All lessons will be pre-paid at the beginning of each month.


Contact me for more information about pricing, payment, and scheduling! Be sure to include your contact information and location. Because I travel to student's homes, knowing your location will help me to give you the most accurate idea of what day and time I can place you into my lesson "route."

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